What should we expect after we do our MBBS and PG in India?

Q. What should we expect after we do our MBBS and PG in India? 

Answer by Alien,MD

Well, I’m going to start with the basics.

Choosing a specialty:

Only two rules:

  1. Pick something you are reasonably confident that you can do (physically and mentally) for the next 20–30 years.
  2. Don’t pick something you hate.

*If you’re lucky, you might end up practicing a specialty which you have a natural aptitude for. You’ll find it easier than others, you’ll do better than others and you’ll love what you do.

*If you’re not so lucky, you’ll pick a field that requires you to stretch your limits, endure a steeper learning curve (frustrating period), but eventually you’ll get good at what you do and more often than not, you’ll begin to love what you do.

Notice that I did not mention money or prestige as a criterion. You get to decide how much you can live with. In any case, give priority to lifestyle over money if you have to.

Also note that I did not say pick something you love. If you start there, (knowing the ridiculous system by which Indian medical students get to select there PG), you’re in for a heartbreak (more likely than not). I would suggest reading the two * scenarios above. Note that in both cases you will eventually end up loving what you do (within reason). So stressing out about picking what you love is a moot point (in my opinion).

Choosing between employee status and starting your own practice:


This chart only covers the popular options. Other (equally or more important) options include working for the Government (Medical Officers, Advisers or Administrative), academia (of immense value) or research.

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What should we expect after we do our MBBS and PG in India?